InfoReporter 2.65

InfoReporter 2.65: Free InfoReporter olap tool sql tool for analyzing data and building complex rpt olap & sql tool for building reports and analyzing data What you do with the Tool You build up reports. Table reports, table & graph reports. The reports are based on local cubes, MSAS OLAP cubes or SQL relational databases or plain excel files. First of all you have to set up datasources to be able to build the reports on. The data source could be an cub file built from excel or odbc against an excel sheet or a general odbc against a relational

Quella Business Intelligence Solution 2.0: Quella B.I.S. is a powerful data warehouse, reporting and data analysis package.
Quella Business Intelligence Solution 2.0

OLAP-Reports. The latter are particularly powerful tools to interactively summarise, slice and filter data without the need of an OLAP-Server. All the reports are portable and therefore ideal for off-line working forces. Quella data warehouse, reporting and data analysis package consists of two complementary computer programs: Quella Creator: ETL-Processing, Data Warehousing, Report Desing and Creation. Quella Cognitus: Charting, OLAP-Analysis, Spreadsheet

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